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Hello everyone, this is Ben Bilodeau.

Putting together and completing our first production, All New People, was the most rewarding, fulfilling and – most importantly – educational experience I’ve had in theatre to date. As the final details are sorted, and we put this show to rest and move on to the next project, I wanted to share what I felt was an integral part of our learning curve of producing our first show.

Something that has always been a bit of a mystery to me, and that I’ve always been very curious about, is how to budget for and finance a theatre production. I went in to this project somewhat blind, almost completed self-funded, and making it up as I went along - plus a lot of help on the way. It was early on in the process that I decided I wanted to be fully transparent about how our budget was allocated, in order to shed a bit of light on what I learned in case there were others out

My end goal with this company, is to create the best possible theatre I can – continuously learning and growing and building as we go. Part of that includes being able to afford great sets, costumes and other design details. But more importantly, it involves putting together a great team of artists, and being able to compensate them fairly for their time and skills. Hopefully, shedding some light on the financial breakdown of our show, and sparking some conversation between companies on budgets, will help everyone within the theatre community make more informed choices on how to spend money in the most efficient and effective way – which can ultimately only lead to better theatre!

I’d love to discuss more about this, so if you have any questions, feel free to comment here or send me a message!

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