June 8 & 9






Princess Rescuers is part of the 2019 Vancouver Fringe Festival, September 5th-15th (specific show dates/times/location TBD as per Fringe).



Please send your headshot, resume, and which character you would like to be considered for to with “Princess Rescuers Audition” included in the subject line.




On their 18th birthday, every princess in the land gets put in a tower to be rescued, and waits

longingly for her future. This is just the way it’s always been. Of course, nowadays the tower is more like a luxury spa, and a prince can save a lot of effort by hiring PRINCESS RESCUERS!


Which brings us to our two, less than prince-like, heroes. When they screw up yet another rescue, they find themselves out of work and out of money. Desperate, they take on their most dangerous and challenging princess rescue yet...which could prove to be their last chance!


After narrowly dodging traps, and barely escaping spells, our rescuers finally get the princess... and she tells them to go away??


Follow our two heroes as they chase the princess that won’t be rescued!

An exciting adventure comedy with Jokes! Dancing! Fighting! 4 Actors! Over 12 characters! HOW WILL THEY DO IT!




MERC - male 20-35

Merc is a grumpy sarcastic princess rescuer. He harbours a deep disgust for the idle rich. He is the brawn of the pair. While he seems to be dumb, he is actually very witty and observant


SIDEKICK: Female: 20-35

Sidekick is the brains of the rescuers. Sensitive and romantic, Sidekick is always smiling and sunny compared to brooding grumpy Merc.

NOTE: this character is to be played as male


PRINCESS: Female 20-35

Princess is a tough, smart and assertive woman. She has built a safe tower away from the world of men, but learns she has to deal with it when the rescuers show up.

NOTE: this character will also play many other roles, minotaur, barmaid, goon, other princesses


WITCH: Female 20-35

The Witch is self absorbed and overdramatic. When she wasn’t rescued from her tower, she decided to wage a war of revenge on all men! She has a ruthless dry sense of humour and

tends to ramble a bit.

NOTE: this character will also play many other roles, minotaur, barmaid, goon, other princesses