Worth the Weight,  by Florence Reiher | Ben Bilodeau Productions & Florence Reiher

For Immediate Release: October 30th, 2017


Ben Bilodeau Productions & Florence Reiher Present: WORTH THE WEIGHT, an original one woman musical by Florence Reiher

Ben Bilodeau produces his 3rd independent production, this time joining forces with Florence Reiher, who has written and composed all material for this one woman show..

Production Dates: November 25th, 2017 - December 2nd, 2017

Previews: Thursday, November 24th 2017


Florence Reiher developed body image issues at a young age, and as if defying the arrows pointing towards healthy choices, soon after found herself seeking a career in the most image-centric industry known: showbiz. After being consumed by the competitive environment in theatre school and entering the daunting, soul-searching decade of one's twenties, Florence began to question her worth and talent. What started out as healthy habits quickly became a deadly game of restriction and over-exercising. In Worth the Weight, Florence shares her journey of rising and falling (and falling again repeatedly), letting us into an intimate and vulnerable place, while sending you to your knees with hilarious tales of tears, control and peer pressure, all in the pursuit of unattainable perfection.


After successful runs of All New People and Bachelorette, Ben Bilodeau Productions is proud to have partnered with local actor-turned-playwright and composer, Florence Reiher, on their first co-production and original work. Both graduates of Capilano University, Ben and Florence decided to join forces on this project after working together in FCP's Virgins: A Musical Threesome and welcome Katie-Rose Connors to the team as Musical Director. The Worth the Weight team is proud to be able to share a story that is profound and honest, yet hilarious and heartwarming - it is through sharing stories like this, that we can open up a healthy dialogue about mental illness.


Cast: Florence Reiher

Written by: Florence Reiher

Directed by: Ben Bilodeau

Produced by: Ben Bilodeau

Music Director: Katie-Rose Connors

Stage Managed by: Shila Amin

Lighting Design by:  Holly Karpuik

Show Dates & Details:

November 25th - December 2nd, 2017

Thursday - Saturday evenings | All performances begin at 8:00pm

XY Lounge | 1216 Bute St

Not Wheelchair Accessible

19+ Venue

Tickets $15 each

Link to tickets:


Contains coarse language and adult themes

Run time: Approx. 75 minutes (no intermission)


Special Notes/Quotables:


-My goal with art is always to move people, so I hope audiences can leave this show feeling stirred in some way or other. Whether it’s finding something in the material that they relate to, or opening their minds to what people around them might be going through, or the shocking experience of finding something that resonates for them that they didn’t expect.  - Florence Reiher

-The more Florence told me about her experience, the more I realized how impacted I was by the story. I wouldn’t have expected myself to find that in a show about something I assumed didn’t effect me - I’m hoping that our audiences have similar takeaways. - Ben Bilodeau

-I’m looking at my own eating disorder through a new lens since doing this show. The experience of writing my own story down, workshopping it with Ben and sharing it in general, it’s given me the chance to unpack some of this baggage and have a look from an outside perspective. Going in, I was afraid of how this process would affect me emotionally,  that it would be too painful. It’s definitely had it’s ups and downs, but there’s been a ton of growth, and it’s allowed me to talk about it more in general. - Florence Reiher

-I hope that audiences watching Worth the Weight feel like it’s a safe space where we can feel like we’re going through this together. I know my story isn’t entirely unique, and that’s what makes it relatable. - Florence Reiher

-When you hear, “a one woman show about an eating disorder” I think a certain image of what that show will be comes to mind...and I’m almost positive this isn’t that show. It’s messy, and rude, and hilarious, and heart wrenching, and it doesn’t come in the tidy package ‘after school specials’ have delivered these stories in for us. But is raw and real and vulnerable. - Ben Bilodeau

-When the audience leaves, they’ll have a new vocabulary to continue the important dialogue surrounding eating disorders and mental illnesses. - Florence Reiher

-Come to see this show because it touches you personally,or come because you want to be an ally and advocate for people with eating disorders. Or surprise yourself and come for both! - Ben Bilodeau


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Instagram: @benbilodeauproductions




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