Princess Rescuers

On their 18th birthday, every princess in the land gets put in a tower to be rescued, and waits longingly for her future. This is just the way it’s always been. Of course, nowadays the tower is more like a luxury spa, and a prince can save a lot of effort by hiring PRINCESS RESCUERS!


Which brings us to our two, less than prince-like, heroes. When they screw up yet another rescue, they find themselves out of work and out of money. Desperate, they take on their most dangerous and challenging princess rescue yet...which could prove to be their last chance!


After narrowly dodging traps, and barely escaping spells, our rescuers finally get the princess... and she tells them to go away??


Follow our two heroes as they chase the princess that won’t be rescued! An exciting adventure comedy with Jokes! Dancing! Fighting! 4 Actors! Over 12 characters! HOW WILL THEY DO IT!

After successful runs of All New PeopleBachelorette, and the original musical Worth The Weight, Ben Bilodeau Productions is excited to debut Princess Rescuers at the 2019 Vancouver Fringe Festival!!!

After a staged reading in September of 2018, we are lucky to have won a mainstage spot in this years Fringe lottery, and will be bringing this new work to life in September of 2019!

Aliya Boulanger
Juliana de Medeiros
Chris M. Ward
Brianna Sacry